Bachelor's of Arts (in English & History)

Course Name: Bachelor’s of Arts [B.A]  (English & History)

Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility: 10+2 With Science

Course Syllabus
 First Semester Second Semester

1. Communicative English

2. Language Paper I

3. History of English Literature: The Pre-Chaucerian to the Augustan

4. English Poetry: The Elizabethan to the Augustan

5. English Prose: The Elizabethan to the Victorian

6. Introduction to Computing

7.Cultural Education I



1. Professional Communication

2. Language Paper II

3. History of English Literature: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian

4. English Poetry: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian

5. English Prose: The Late-Victorian to the Modern

6. Indian Writing in English: Fiction

7. Cultural Education II



Third Semester Fourth Semester

1. Communicative English (Advanced)

2. History of English Literature: Victorian to the Present

3. American Literature

4. >Biography

5. English Fiction: Victorian

6. Life Skills I

7. Amrita Value Programme I

8. Amrita Value Programme II


1. History of English Language and Phonetics

2. Indian Writing In English: Poetry

3. Shakespeare: Comedies

4. Environmental Studies

5. Elective A

6. Open Elective A*

7. Life Skills II


Fifth Semester Six Semester

1. Elements of Literary Criticism

2. English Poetry: Modern

3. English Drama: Elizabethan to Victorian

4. Spiritual Literature

5. Elective B

6. Open Elective B*

7. Life Skills III

8. Canadian Literature


1. Literary Criticism: Introduction

2. European Fiction

3. English Fiction: Modern

4. English Drama: Modern

5. Shakespeare: Tragedies

6. Autobiography