affiliation of AMII

We are affiliated to the ADARSH SHIKSHAN PRASARAK MANADAL, which is duly registered under act 29 of 1950, Government of Maharashtra, with a focus of giving a new dimension to business studies.


Is an member of planning commission

This will help to serve the quality of education in Indian in better way for our working professions students.

The Key Function of Planning Commission :-

The 1950 resolution setting up the Planning Commission outlined its functions as to:

Make an assessment of the material, capital and human resources of the country, including technical personnel, and investigate the possibilities of augmenting such of these resources as are found to be deficient in relation to the nation’s requirement;
⦁ Formulate a Plan for the most effective and balanced utilisation of country’s resources;
⦁ On a determination of priorities, define the stages in which the Plan should be carried out and propose the allocation of resources for the due completion of each stage;
⦁ Indicate the factors which are tending to retard economic development, and determine the conditions which, in view of the current social and political situation, should be established for the successful execution of the Plan;
⦁ Determine the nature of the machinery which will be necessary for securing the successful implementation of each stage of the Plan in all its aspects;
⦁ Appraise from time to time the progress achieved in the execution of each stage of the Plan and recommend the adjustments of policy and measures that such appraisal may show to be necessary; and
⦁ Make such interim or ancillary recommendations as appear to it to be appropriate either for facilitating the discharge of the duties assigned to it, or on a consideration of prevailing economic conditions, current policies, measures and development programmers or on an examination of such specific problems as may be referred to it for advice by Central or State Governments

Key Objectives :-

he International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is an internationally recognized, independent and private education accrediting body with regional chapters worldwide. It operates globally, grating educational accreditation only to higher educational institutions involved in education for working adults, both traditional and online, as well as professional and vocational institutes and secondary schools
To help stimulate positive forces for humanizing system and organization in national life and to enable people to contribute their best.
To augment knowledge and skills relevant to HRD , its philosophy, processes and implementation, through exploration and experimentation.
To generate, acquire and continuously develop new knowledge and skills related to HRD through research and development.
To build a rigorous, scientific storehouse of knowledge and skills for HRD.
To disseminate HRD knowledge and skills among HRD professionals and practitioners, and share information and experiences relating to HRD.
To strengthen the HRD movement in the country by:

⦁ (a) Drawing the attention of chief executives of different organizations, agencies and Government departments to HRD philosophy and processes and their benefits; and

⦁ (b) Assisting organizations and agencies in designing and implementing HRD systems, evaluating the impact of HRD systems and processes, and feeding back the results for improvement.

To break new ground for the HRD movement in terms of coverage of different human systems and organizations based on national needs as well as innovative approaches and technologies.

To develop and maintain standards of professional excellence in HRD.

To act as a clearinghouse for all referrals related to HRD activities in the country.


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About The University

Pebble Hills University is a truly international and career-focused university which offers online Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs mainly for adult learners. Classroom-based programs are also available through our network of partners worldwide


PHU is incorporated in the State of Delaware. As a University based in the US, PHU meets all state and federal laws of the United States. There is no distinction between the programs offered through PHU and those of traditional campus based programs with regards to the following: your degree, transcript and other graduation documents from PHU follow the same standard used by all US colleges and universities. PHU graduation documents can include an apostle and authentication from the US Department of State to facilitate their use internationally.


PHU Degrees are validated by the some UNESCO International Association of Universities(IAU) MEMBER universities. Upon payment of additional fee and completing some more courses, you will be able to obtain a second degree based on your PHU degree.


Accreditation is a voluntary process and each college or university may decide for itself if accreditation is appropriate and necessary to accomplish its education mission. Not all the universities need to accreditation from any accrediting agency. Accreditation is only mandatory for those universities that seek Federal Government educational funding. In United States of America we have number of separate independent agencies that grant accreditation. All of these national and regional agencies of accreditation hold online educational institutions and distance learning programs to the same high standards that are held by the traditional “brick and mortar” institutions.

PHU is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education. Note: In the United States, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for eligibility for licensing. In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept for transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment. If a student outside the US wishes to carry out a particular procedure within a country’s Department of Education regarding their degree earned at PHU, such procedures are to be carried out independently by the student. PHU respects the unique rules and regulations of each country and does not intervene or influence the respective authorities. We recommend prospective students who intend to carry out such procedures outside the US to verify in detail the steps and requirements needed in order to be fully informed. Internationally, Pebble Hills University has satisfactorily met all the standards set by Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC) regarding academic quality, institutional integrity and administrative responsibility, through a voluntary, non-governmental guided self-regulation. Three Star Graded is awarded to Pebble Hills University at Delaware, USA for outstanding performance in the field of distance & online education as a Private University. Grade Average 3.5 – Very Good is awarded to PHU for institutional online audit conducted at Delaware, USA. Our Status is Grade A – Full Accreditation.
The Brief Audit Summary of CIAC indicates that PHU provides education in the major aspects of education through regular, vocational as well as other modes like distance education and online learning. The audit did not find any critical weaknesses in the overall academic standards and content of the educational services provided by the institute. Moreover, it was also observed that the student support facilities and international document services provided by the institution are in quality and immensely student-friendly.


Instead of applying for regional or national accreditation or recognition, at PHU, we have programs that are individually accredited by discipline-specific accrediting bodies and professional bodies such as International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc. (Pakistan), Occupational Safety and Health Association (UK) Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards and Certified Institute of Warehousing & Materials Management (Nigeria).

Our Management and Business programs are recognized and accredited by Professional Managers’ Association (UK), Chartered Institute of Management (Canada), Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Public Management of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (USA) International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (USA) and Society of Business Practitioners (UK),
Our Finance programs are recognized by Association of Women Professional Financial Managers (Nigeria), Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers (USA), The Institute of Professional Financial Managers (UK) and The Chartered Institute of Corporate Treasurers (USA).Institute of Financial Consultant, USA
The Accounting and Auditing Programs of PHU are mutually recognized by The Association of International Accountants (AIA), Association Chartered Certified Forensic Accountants (Ghana), The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP), Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP), Institute of Forensic Auditors of Zimbabwe, Institute of Certified Tax Accountants of Zimbabwe, Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (Nigeria), The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria, The Association of Cost and Management Accountants (Nigeria), The Institute of Company And Commercial Accountant of Nigeria, The Association of International Certified Public Accountants (Pakistan), Society of Accounting Education (Pakistan) and Islamic Institute of Accounting and Finance (Nigeria).

Registered with the Government of Maharashtra

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 Accredited By NHRD

 Planning Commission (Central Government)


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