B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

Course Name: B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 10+2(PCM)

Lateral Entry: Candidate who has three year diploma after 10th can enroll for 3rd Semester of B.Tech. Candidate who has completed B.Sc(PCM) can enroll for 3rd Semester of B.Tech.

Course Syllabus
First Semester Second Semester
1. English-I 1. Network Theory
2. Mathematics I 2. Semiconductor Devices and circuits
3. Applied Physics 3. Engineering Drawing Practice
4. Computers and Information Technology 4. Computer Programming Lab
5. C & Data Structures 5. Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Lab
Third Semester Fourth Semester
1. Mathematics II 1. Probability and Statistics
2. Discrete Structures and Graph Theory 2. Electrical Technology
3. Data Processing and File Organization 3. Computer Organization
4. Linear and Digital ICs Applications 4. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
5. Switching theory and Logic designs 5. Operating Systems
6. Managerial Economics and Accountancy 6. Object Oriented Programming
7. COBOL Lab 7. Operating Systems Lab
8. IC Applications Lab 8. Object Oriented Programming Lab
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
1. Interfacing through Microprocessors 1. Management Science
2. Operations Research 2. Computer graphics
3. Data Communications 3. Computer Networks
4. Theory of Computation 4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Principles of Programming Languages 5. Language processors
6. System Programming 6. Database management Systems
7. Interfacing through microprocessor lab 7. Language Processor Lab
8. Systems Programming Lab 8. DBMS Lab
Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
1. Software Engineering 1. (Elective III) Simulation and Modelling
2. Distributed Systems 2. (Elective III) Robotics
3. Visual Programming Techniques 3. (Elective IV) Data Mining and Ware Housing
4. Java programming 4. (Elective IV) Advanced Databases.
5. (Elective I) Advanced Computer Architecture 5. Project Work
6. (Elective I) Fault Tolerant Systems
7. (Elective II) Digital Speech and Image processing
8. (Elective II) Neural Networks
9. Visual Programming Lab
10. Java Lab